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Jabreen Academy was established in 2016 in the governorate of Muscat; the capital of Sultanate of Oman and licensed by the Ministry of Manpower. The name (Jabreen) is inspired from the famous school of Jabreen located within Jabreen Castle, which was built in 1670.

The old Jabreen School was considered as the center of education in that bright era and students from Oman and abroad studied and graduated from this school. Jabreen School was also considered as the real launching of the first formal and disciplined school in Oman in 1670.

The establishment of Jabreen Academy is an extension of the old Jabreen School’s vision and mission in finding scientific tributaries Omani specialized and empowered in all fields and disciplines to promote the country and moving it toward further progress and prosperity, utilzing global expertise and the prominent national competencies using international standards, new technology and scientific methods.   Learn more

We design and deliver customized quality training solutions to enhance team potential and develop new skills. .
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To be Number One Resilience Leaders in Sultanate of Oman…
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To  provide   World  Class  Customized Integrated  Training .
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Business Resilience Leaders

Our Trainers

  • International and Local Trainers
  • Highly Passionate, Famous, Qualified & Experienced

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Our Services:

  • Resilience Courses
  • Technical Courses
  • Managerial Courses

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Our Accreditations

  • PECB
  • ACI

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Our Associations:

In Association with the following International Training Companies
  • Intensivetrain – UK
  • DISS - UAE

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During & After Each Training Course

  • Professional Training Coordinator
  • Individual Evaluation Sheet
  • Attendance Criteria
  • Personal goals

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    To be Number One Resilience Leaders in Sultanate of Oman…

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