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Incident and Crisis Management

Incident Management is the process of identifying, categorizing, investigating, correcting and preventing recurrence of potentially disruptive incidents.

Crisis management is about the immediate response to an incident, emergency, crisis or disaster that threatens to disrupt your normal business.
Actions taken during the early stages of an incident or crisis will significantly alter the outcome for your organization: a fast effective response can shorten a crisis and minimise its impact; a random, uncoordinated response will almost certainly exacerbate it.
Our Incident and Crisis Management training programs include:
  • Designing and Developing Incident Management System
  • Introduction to Crisis Management
  • Incident Management
  • Crisis Management Team Building
  • Media and Crisis Communications
  • Crisis Management Centers – design and operation
  • Large Scale Exercise – design, delivery, review
  • On Scene Commanding
  • Auditing Incident Management System
  • Managing Crisis at Oil and Gas Sector
  • Aviation Crisis Management programs

More Incident and Crisis Management programs can be tailored for your specific organizational needs. We work with different organizations from government bodies, new enterprises and large organizations at all sectors.