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About Us



Jabreen Training Services was established in the governorate of Muscat; the capital of Sultanate of Oman and licensed by the Ministry of Manpower. The name (Jabreen) is named after the famous school of Jabreen, located within Jabreen Castle that was built in 1670.

We are business resilience leaders working closely with organizations to ensure they are able to cope with adverse conditions or events.

We provide full range of resilience development and training programs in risk, safety, security, crisis and business continuity management. We help organizations in  identifying, preventing and mitigating risk. We ensure they are prepared to respond effectively to emergencies and have the capability to continue delivery of their operations and services at acceptable predefined levels following the disruptive emergency.


Working effectively and positively with all government and private sectors in order to build a generation armed with awareness, knowledge and capabilities required for work that makes a difference.


Providing the community with leaders and experts who will be capable of raising the country and moving it towards further progress and prosperity in the fields and disciplines that we offer.

  • Commitment to benefit from the scientific legacy and cultural heritage of the Sultanate.
  • Commitment to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
  • Compliance with international quality standards in training and development.
  • Commitment to professionalism in the implementation of our programs with the immediate response to the requirements of our customers.
  • Commitment to creativity, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Commitment to openness, positive interaction and transparency with our customers.
  • Commitment to contribute to the community services.


Our team includes national and international specialists having more than 20 years of experience. Our programs are specifically aimed at meeting our client’s requirements. All our trainers have operational experience and they bring the training alive with real life examples and experiences of  ‘working in the field’. They will also use case studies from your sector or organization to guarantee relevance.


We believe that the knowledge and experience gained from our programs can be used in the non-government and corporate sectors. We provide resilience services to a broad range of clients. Our speciality programs include: